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Венеция: Еда и мечты Венеция — это итальянское королевство соли и жемчуга, игристого вина просекко и русалок, спагетти и поленты. Тесса Кирос путешествует по городу и дышит его атмосферой, позволяя его усыпанному драгоценностями прошлому и темным улочкам питать ее воображение. Заметки в ее дневнике о жизни и еде Венеции чередуются с рецептами блюд и потрясающими фотографиями. Подробнее
, 2013
Food is a quilt that is patch worked together by people's language, traditions and way of living. In Venezia, Tessa Kiros shows the magic and the charm of the famous Italian city of Venice. She embroiders the recipes of this city of canals, bridges and carnivals with her own unique colors and threads. Tessa's previous books, Twelve, Falling Cloudberries, Apples for Jam and Piri Starfish: Portugal Found have been published to international acclaim and have secured best-selling status in many countries throughout the world. Falling Cloudberries won several awards including Best Hardcover Recipe Book at the World Food Media Awards. As usual, her book features stunningly beautiful photography and design, and recipes for the whole family — a European way of eating. Подробнее
Limoncello and Linen Water
, 2013
In Limoncello and Linenwater, much-loved author Tessa Kiros celebrates the heritage of Italy, the country she has chosen to call home. This whimsically feminine book is a tribute to the women in our lives — mothers, mothers-in-law, grandmothers — and the important lessons we learn from them. With accessible, delicious recipes ranging from robust family dishes to quirky cakes and old-fashioned sauces and preserves, this book is a precious heirloom for today. Key points: after more than 700,000 sales worldwide, this is Tessa's best book yet, written from the heart and celebrating the best of Italy; beautifully, quirkily styled and designed; and more than 100 achievable tried and tested recipes. Подробнее





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