Brandt Richard L.

One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of amazon: Com Buy now with one-click. Amazon's business model is deceptively simple: make online shopping so easy and convenient that customers won't think twice. Yet Amazon's success is largely down to CEO and founder Jeff Bezos, a man described as both a 'happy-go-lucky mogul' and a 'notorious micromanager'. His high energy, passionate approach to retailing has driven Amazon to the top. Jeff Bezos is smart. Originally a computer geek, he had the vision to capitalise on the untapped online market for books. He's also a calculating machine who creates 'deal-flow' charts for every major decision, from what business to create to how to choose a spouse. One Click explores what makes Bezos Bezos. Through detailed research and interviews with Amazon employees, competitors and observers, Richard Brandt has deciphered how Bezos thinks, what drives his actions and how he makes his business decisions. was waiting to be discovered. It took Bezos' unique character and strategy to make it happen. Anyone in the business world can learn from his reinvention of the retail landscape. Подробнее
В один клик: Джефф Безос и история успеха Amazon. com Захватывающая история о создании Как Джефф Безос из фрика-программиста превратился в величайшего интернет-предпринимателя нашей эпохи, который изменил наш привычный мир. Как характер Джеффа Безоса и его бизнес-стратегия заставили Amazon буквально взлететь в первые строчки компаний, занимающихся онлайн-торговлей. Ричард Л. Брандт — журналист, обладатель множества премий и наград. Брандт — бывший корреспондент BusinessWeek, удостоившийся премии National Magazine Award. Автор книги «Гугловоды», посвященной основателям компании Google. Подробнее





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